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Stanley grew up in a humble suburban house in Louisville, Kentucky, and frequently accompanied his family to church. It was in the church’s cozy library where his passion for reading was ignited. Jules Verne, Mark Twain, J.R.R. Tolkien, H.G. Wells, and C.S. Lewis captured his imagination, transporting him to exotic locales and thrilling adventures, including underwater expeditions.

During his schooling, he demonstrated exceptional academic abilities in Math, Reading, and Social Studies, but faced challenges with Writing due to painful hand cramps. It was a 5th Grade Social Studies report on the events surrounding the ride of Paul Revere that sparked his interest in his favorite era of history, the 18th century.

When Stanley was 19, he tied the knot with his lovely wife, Melenia. Thanks to his interest in technology, he pursued a career as a Network Engineer. Over the next ten years, he gained valuable experience while working for various companies and gradually climbed the corporate ladder. However, his priorities shifted in 2006 when he welcomed his first child, Jacob, into the world. By the time his second son, Caleb, was on the way in 2010, he decided to launch his own business. He believed that this would enable him to spend more quality time with his family. Additionally, this decision reignited his passion for writing.

As he delved into his family history, he reignited his long-standing interest in the 18th century. With a particular focus on Scotland, he avidly studied the era. It was during this time that he stumbled upon the inspiration for his debut novel, The Legend of Chip. A Scottish relative shared a haunting folklore about a man named Chips and his encounters with the Devil. Although the tale was grim, its premise fascinated him. That very evening, he sat down and penned the opening chapter of what would become his maiden book.

Stanley is excited to announce that his first book series, The Legend of Chip, follows the thrilling adventures of Christopher MacDougall. He takes great pleasure in crafting these stories and is currently getting ready to release the third book in the series. Additionally, he is working on other works that expand upon the fascinating “World of Chip.”

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Legendary.

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