Book I: The Legend Begins

When Chip accepts a stranger’s offer to earn more money, unexplainable things begin to happen. Soon, he discovers that dark forces are at work, lurking in the shadows and threatening to destroy everyone he cares about.

If he wishes to protect those he loves, he must find a power he never thought possible and defeat the darkness inside himself as well.

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Reviewed By Christian Sia for Reader’s Favorite


The Legend of Chip: The Legend Begins by Stanley Campbell is an inspiring story with a great historical setting against the backdrop of 18th century Edinburgh, Scotland. The reader follows the life of an ordinary man, Christopher MacDougall, whose sole interest is to cater to his family needs. But an encounter with a stranger changes everything. The opportunity offered by the stranger could have increased his income and made life easier for his family, but he is instead plunged into a series of unfortunate situations, with his life quickly spiraling out of control. Follow him as he sets out to find answers, leaving his family behind to join the Navy. When he comes back, things look messier than when he left them, with evil lurking in the dark and threatening not only his life but that of everyone he cares about. Does he have what it takes to make the choice that can save the lives of those he loves?

Stanley Campbell’s novel is powerful, with great pacing, and is character-driven. The reader is plunged into the inner world of the protagonist, a restless man who is haunted by an evil he can’t understand. The story is intense, exploring emotions in the characters and deeper levels of the psychological conflict. The Legend of Chip: The Legend Begins features great prose with compelling descriptions and emotionally rich passages. The scenes are well-crafted, with awesome paragraph breaks that leave a strong dramatic effect on the reader. The author integrates powerful themes into the narrative, including family, service, and a man’s search for meaning. This is a well-plotted story with a huge potential to inspire and entertain readers.