Podcast Guest Profile

Stanley Campbell released his first book in 2017. After initially being courted by agents and published by a small press, Stanley withdrew his book from the publisher. He then relaunched the title as an independent author. Now, he’s preparing to launch the second book in what will become a series.

The Legend of Chip: The Legend Begins provided Stanley with an unexpected opportunity. Not only did he get to see his dream of being an author come to life, but he also got an inside peek into the publishing world. What he saw shocked him.

Possible Topics

  • How to Self Publish, From A to Z
  • Whether Traditional Publishing is Right For You
  • How to Market Your Book in a Flooded Economy
  • What Should a Self-Published Author Pay For and What is Free

Helpful Questions

  • Is it necessary to copyright your book?
  • Do you need an ISBN number for your ebooks?
  • Why should I register my book with the Library of Congress?
  • Do I need to pay for my book to be edited?
  • What’s the difference between line editors and copy editors?
  • How much should you pay for a book cover?

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Stanley’s Publishing Story

Where Stanley expected to find the heart of a poet, he found the hammering of a well-oiled business machine. He quickly came to realize that the quality of the work wasn’t nearly as important as whether it could sell thousands of copies. In order to be published on the grand stage, he would have to change the meaning of his book to fit what was popular.

Dismayed, he turned to a small press. He hoped that he would find less pushback with lower expectations. While this proved to be the case, it also meant more work for him. A smaller press equaled a small to non-existent marketing budget. If he wanted to sell books, he would have to put in the hours and foot traffic to earn it.

Fortunately, another author that Stanley had become acquainted with prior to publishing had given him some excellent advice. “If you’re going to go small, be prepared to go none at all.” Simply stated, be prepared to do all the work.

With that in mind, Stanley procured the ISBN numbers, the US Copyright, the book cover, and registered his book with the Library of Congress. The only thing that the small press lent him was the imprint name and their editing resources. This, in turn, assisted him in securing a larger royalty commission.

Soon after the book launched, Stanley found himself at odds with the small press owners. Eventually, he pulled his book from their press, purchased the imprint name, and became an Independent Book Author.